Orthodontic treatment is the procedure a clinician performs in order to resolve specific cranio-facial problems regarding facial and dental aesthetics as well as problems regarding speech, periodontal health and masticatory function.

It aims to accomplish dental and musculature balance, in an aesthetically approved facial structure.

Basically for esthetics and function.

Aesthetic improvement involves problems that may not have an impact on the patient’s oral health, but significantly disrupt its external appearance. Therefore, orthodontic intervention is required to provide the patient with beautiful teeth and a pleasant, healthy smile.

Function of the mouth and face in general involves mastication and speech as well as breathing and life support movements. All components of the orofacial system should function in perfect harmony so as to achieve healthy vital needs for the human body.

The orthodontic problem has a multifactorial cause. Hereditary factors as well as environmental factors or a combination of them can cause the great majority of the orthodontic problems.

Iatrogenic factors, trauma and many diseases can also influence the health of the teeth or the periodontal status of the teeth. A complete analysis and diagnosis of the problem will lead to the correct solution of it.

Due to the lack of any legal guidelines worldwide, any one having a dental diploma can perform an orthodontic treatment. An orthodontist though, is a dentist who had a multi-year course in orthodontics and got entitled as a specialised in his own country.

According to the ADA and COS guidelines, someone should go for an orthodontic evaluation NO later than the age of 7. Even if for this age is usually early for the standard orthodontic procedure, it is the best age for a general evaluation of dento-facial development and an early diagnosis and treatment of skeletal deformities.

The cost of the orthodontic treatment varies greatly and depends on the case itself, on the material being used and the clinician’s rate. Therefore, no standard price list exists and no comparison between cases can be made.

The time frame depends on the case and the case complexity, but an average treatment according to some studies should take no longer than 18-24 months.

Definitely NOT. Improving the aesthetics is only one aspect of the orthodontic treatment. Dental and periodontal health, musculature balance and balanced functionality are also some important aims.

Age affects the orthodontic treatment through treatment planning and time table but it doesn’t prohibit it. As long as you have a tooth in your mouth it can be moved.

Only a small percentage of the dento-facial problems can be solved with removable plates. Therefore you probably cannot.